collection : chic&choc


design : julien devaux

Set of vases
​mouth blown transparent recycled glass and hand cut yellow polished copper
neck of variable diameters from 8 to 9cm according to the work of blown glass. 

heba CUP

design : nathanael abeille

Innovative process of khayameya technique 
with velvet double face, made by assembly of a module hand cut by punch
Ø 25cm 

collection : revolution

design : samuel aden


Yellow polished copper 
​Ø 30cm 

hyperion cup

Collection of cushions from Revival Series. Khayameya in striped motif in 100% Egyptian cotton.
35cm x 35cm 

design : Leopold lescop

Collection of cushion in Khayameya 
Diversion of the most famous cartoon’s figures conveyed around the world, randomly recomposed in patchwork from in 100% Egyptian cotton. 35cm x 35cm 

New school

collection : revival

collection : heba


Set of 3 tidies made of oxidized copper in bronze bath and embossed red copper
​​small size Ø 12 to 30.5cm H 35cm medium size Ø 22.7 to 51.5cm H 9cm
large size Ø 35 to 45cm H 16cm

design : julien devaux




collection : revival

design : Leopold lescop

design : Leopold lescop

TIDIES, vases and cups

Set of candle holders
mouth blown recycled sanded glass and yellow polished copper.
H 14cm , Ø 7.5cm 

collection : this is bombé !


design : samuel adeN

collection : Pharaoh

Slip cover for chair with pharonic “connotation” Pure Egyptian Cotton and traditional khayameya work. 

design : Leopold lescop

collection : this is bombé !

collection : revival


Collection of cushions from Revival Series. Set up of Khayameya, randomly recomposed in patchwork from printed Khayameya in 100% cotton. 
​35cm x 35cm 


design : Leopold lescop

Triptych of artwork in khayameya traditional technique.
100% Egyptian cotton and wooden frame.
42cm x 60cm 

collection : Mystere mystere